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Football  Watchlist  covering the Baltimore, D.C  and Delaware Valley areas.

  • Baltimore

  • Cecil County Maryland

  • Delaware

  • D.C

  • South Jersey

  • Southeastern Pennsylvania

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Check out the In The Heat Football Watchlist Below

Class of 2022 Football Watchlist (Current h.s seniors)

Class of 2023 Football Watchlist (Current h.s Juniors)

Class of 2024 Football Watchlist (Current h.s sophomores)

Class of 2025 Football Watchlist (Current h.s freshman)


Class of 2026 Football Watchlist (Current 8th graders)


Class of 2027 Football Watchlist (Current 7th Graders)


Class of 2028 Football Watchlist (Current 6th graders)(coming soon)

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