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ADYFL Practice and Game Schedule 


  • The first day of training camp/practices is scheduled to start  as soon the state says its safe to do so (Approximately July 15th)

  • Allow 10 hours of conditioning before tackling/hitting

  • After you complete 10 hours of conditioning, allow an additional 10 hours dedicated to practicing proper and safe tackling techniques to prevent concussions and other severe injuries

    • Every coach should be Heads Up Certified

  • Week 1 of the regular season is scheduled to start 9/12/2020 

  • Game schedules will be posted on this page

  • Each team will play 8 regular season games

    • Each team must play each team at least once during the regular season

    • Teams can schedule non-league opponents to fill their game schedule if necessary

    • If you have any questions or concerns, contact Nigel Alexander (302) 740-4942 

  • Playoffs will begin 11/7/2020.  Higher seeded teams will receive a first round bye

    • The 2nd round of the playoffs will take place 11/14/2020. Teams with higher seeds will receive home field advantage

    • The state championship for each age bracket will take place on saturday (11/21/2020) and sunday (11/22/2020)

      • The state championship will take place at a neutral location. Times and location TBA